Introducing VISA HERO
Australia's First AI Powered Migration Assistant
  • Knowledge: Visa Hero is a conversational AI platform that eliminates the consequences of human error in the application of the Migration Act and Regulations to an individual's circumstances.
  • Availability: Visa Hero will be available to provide immigration assistance to subscribers on an on demand basis.
  • Registered Migration Agent: The AI platform is directed by a Senior Migration Agent with more than 10 years of experience in the preparation and submission of visa and review applications across a wide range of visa categories.
From the desk of Charbel Nehme
MARN. 0851787
Dear Colleague, 

Over the last 2 years, I’ve been committed to improving my knowledge of business operations, continuously experimenting with various methods that allow me to increase my response times to clients without affecting the quality of my service.

Once upon a time, I was guilty of responding to new enquiries in 1, 2 even 3 days. I have since come to learn that -
  • The first business to follow up on an enquiry has a 248 % increase chance of generating the sale. 
  • ​Only 37 % of businesses respond to new enquiries in the first hour. 
  • ​Businesses who respond to an enquiry in the first 60 seconds have a 500 % chance increase possibility in lead conversion.
In my pursuit of 'speed,' Visa Hero was created. 

The platform aims to solve complex problems quickly whilst eliminating the costly risk of human error. 

Charbel Nehme
Artificially Intelligent Immigration Assistance or Science Fiction?
If you were born in the 80's (like I was), you might remember a TV show staring David Hasselhoff called 'Night Rider'. 

The star of the show was an AI powered self driving car named 'Kit' that could talk and fight crime. 

What seemed like science fiction back then, has become a reality today!
(On a side note, I'm glad that David Hasselhoff's perm has remained in the 1980's!)
The video below offers a demonstration of the platform's ability in the following case study
"Your client is living and working in Australia as the holder of a Subclass 482 visa. He has a partner and a child who are overseas. They hold subclass 482 visas but have never been to Australia.

Your client applied for a Subclass 186 visa whilst he was in Australia. His partner and child were included as secondary applicants. Unfortunately, your client's visa was refused when he was overseas visiting his wife and child.

You are to advise your client on what he must do to lodge a review with the AAT for him and his family".
We're still in development...
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